Tangible User Interface, AR, Prototyping
Apr 2021 - Sep 2021

Creative Direction
Interaction Design
Exhbition Design

2021 OPPO X RCA Winner
2021 London Design Festival

3Doodle is a new educational platform for children to enjoy and share 3D drawings to easily understand the three-dimensional world in their future.

OPPO invited the students of RCA's School of Design to take a radical approach to envision how accelerating technological and social changes can inform the design of products and ecosystems, enabling new values to manifest and opening new paths for mankind.

"The New Extraordinary" we imagine is the world in which Augmented Reality replaces traditional public facility such as way-finding, billboards, and public installations. In today’s digital world, where screens are the main medium of expression, learning 3D sketches from a young age is essential. 3Doodle will enable children to create 3D drawings and develop their visual-spatial abilities.

3Doodle Oppo X RCA 3Doodle Oppo X RCA 3Doodle Oppo X RCA

3Doodle Children 3D Education 3Doodle allows children to learn while drawing in 3D.
3Doodle Children 3D Education Physical blocks will be guiding children through the digital space.
3Doodle Children 3D Education Once the model is drawn, it could be shared with friends and family.
3Doodle Children 3D Education 3D model could then be installed in the real world, visible through AR.

Project Credits:

Prototyping, Video Editing: Jehyun Kim
Hardware Programming: Chang Sub Lee
Prototyping, Modeling, 3D Rendering: Minwook Paeng