Circular Economy, Supply Chain, Blockchain
Jan - May 2022

FTIR Spectroscopy
UX/UI Design
App Development

2022 Royal College of Art Graduation Show
2022 Imperial College London Graduation Show

Compounds is a blockchain-based digital product identity management system that connects brands, retailers and circular economy stakeholders for visibility in the beauty supply chain.

Despite interventions occurring in blockchain by unlocking supply chain traceability during the point of sale for marketing purposes, Compounds even intervenes after the point of consumption to help waste management and retailers collaborate with data exchange on chemical ingredients, material information, and other product attributes to improve the closed-loop cycle.

To achieve a circular outcome, multiple systems must exchange data about products in a standardized manner. This project invites a response from the beauty actors in the future of how we design, source, build, and use everyday products by facilitating collective management of materials and ingredients

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